Locker room board

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Locker room board come with a set of magnets for your sport. At the back, they have wall mounts. Frames are aluminum.

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MAGNETIC LOCKER ROOM BOARD – in two sizes, 90 x 60 cm, and 120 x 90 cm. For different sports.Both dry erase and magnetic. It includes a set of magnets and an eraser. It has s full field to so you can help players visualize their roles.

STRONG PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – We manufacture locker room board with high quality materials to ensure we deliver a product that easily wipes, and does not leave stains.

UNIQUE CUSTOM DESIGN – you can order a completely custom board. For any sport. You can choose the color of the floor, color of the out field, customize it with your logo, name of the Club.

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Basketball 90x60cm, Football 90x60cm, Futsal 90x60cm, Handball 90x60cm, Volleyball 90x60cm, Basketball 120x90cm, Football 120x90cm, Futsal 120x90cm, Handball 120x90cm, Volleyball 120x90cm