Delivery Conditions

After confirming the desired order on the website of , you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received. The email will show the shipping information you left on the registration (name and surname, address, contact phone), list of ordered items, individual prices and total price.

1. Delivery Deadline

Republic of Serbia

Delivery time is 3 business days for the territory of the Republic of Serbia and starts to run from the first following business day after the order is sent. The cost of delivery in the territory of the Republic of Serbia is borne by Funtactic doo  In the event of a delay in delivery, our operator will notify you of the same. After sending the shipment, we will send you an email with your order code based on which you can monitor the status thereof and newly projected delivery time on the Post Express website.

Your order for the territory of the Republic of Serbia will be delivered by courier service Post Express from 8-16 h every working day to the address you left when ordering. During this period, please ensure that there is a person who can take over the item at the address. The courier is obliged to try to deliver each shipment and if he does not find you, he leaves a notice in the mailbox. All your orders made during the weekend and holidays will be processed on the first next working day.

Rest of the World

For territories outside the Republic of Serbia, the delivery deadline is in accordance with the delivery deadlines defined by the courier service POSTEXPORT. Delivery time depends on the zone in which the delivery country is located and ranges from 7 to 15 days (for Europe 7-10 days, for the rest of the world 10-20 days).  Delivery deadlines are also dependent on specific local legal regulations, including the terms of work of customs services, and the acting procedures thereof, which can be reflected in the delivery times indicated above. In the planning of your orders, you also have to consider any unforeseen circumstances that may occur that may affect the projected delivery deadlines and it is not up to Funtactic doo.

Your order will be delivered during the working day (Monday-Friday), from 8 to 17, ie the delivery deadlines of the local postal services with which POSTEXPORT has a contract about cooperation.

2. Delivery Mode

When picking up the goods, please visually inspect the package to see that it does not have any visible damage. If you chose to transport by POSTEXPORT and on visual inspection notice that there are any defects that you suspect may have affected the quality of the delivered product, please receive the package and photograph the package you received. If, after opening the package and reviewing the products you have purchased, you find that the products are damaged during transport, please also take a photo of it and send all these photos with the complaint form to our operator at
You should notify us immediately of any problems you have encountered by emailing us at so that we may be more efficient in future deliveries.

If the visual inspection of the shipment shows that it is free of damage, you can sign the shipment and take it over freely.

In case you have any objection, question or suggestion, please contact us at

If you want to order our products with the delivery place outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia and you are not sure of any aspect of the ordering process, delivery or any costs that this kind of delivery may have, please contact us by phone at +381 69 20 66 347 or by sending an email to

If you decide to purchase via POSTEXPORT when purchasing and shipping outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia, all deliveries are free of charge. If you choose this transport option, you have no additional transportation costs regardless of the country and / or location within the country.

In the event that, due to objective circumstances, we are not able to provide delivery of ordered items, our operator will notify you as soon as possible and offer you some of the possible alternative solutions.

IMPORTANT: By confirming the order, by clicking the “Confirm” button, you agree to the delivery terms